Sword and Staff is now Free.

Previously, Sword and Staff had a free demo available, and the full version was $5. However, after spending some time looking at the game from a player's perspective, I became frustrated with the presence of some bugs, a couple crashes, and some framerate issues here and there. As such, I decided that I can't, in good conscience, charge money for the game in its current Alpha state. I've decided to remove the payment, making the full version available for free. There is still an option to donate, but it is not required to play the game.

This is subject to change, but at the moment I plan to have the game available for free until I'm ready to progress to the Beta stage. If you download the game for free during Alpha, you will still have to pay for access to the Beta version when it's available. However, if you've already paid for the game (or if you make a donation of at least $5 with your download of Alpha) you'll get free access to the Beta version when it's out.

Thanks for playing!

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